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”You should’nt be tortured by the cigar you are smoking, it should be an enjoyable experience.”

Cigar Guide will try to keep you informed on the best way to enjoy your hobby. We will keep updating and adding new content so be sure to check back often! We also don’t mind sharing information that is already on the web. No need to reinvent the wheel so if someone already has a great job of covering a cigar subject we will add it here as well.

The Cigar Guide works in conjunction with Fermented Leaves which is the most unique cigar blog on the web these days. They have interviews with everyday cigar smokers, the first ever cigar readings where you can light up a cigar and listen to a reading of popular books and writings and a unique approach to the cigar world where they do not do cigar reviews or ratings but rather speak from the position of a cigar enthusiast.

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